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LyricsFinder is a web application that I created to empower users to search their playlists for specific song lyrics with ease and precision.

Built on a foundation of cutting-edge technology, LyricsFinder leverages the Spotify Developer's API  and Genius API  to iteratively search songs for their respective lyrics, providing users with accurate and relevant results.

Through a meticulously designed workflow, LyricsFinder utilizes the Genius API's search endpoint to search for lyrics and then ranks the results based on their likelihood of being a match for the requested song. The server then returns the results in accordance with REST API protocols, which are used by the frontend client to render the results in a visually appealing and intuitive manner.

LyricsFinder is a testament to my passion for leveraging the latest technology to build innovative and user-centric web applications. I invite you to explore the project here  and see for yourself how it can enhance your music listening experience.


InPeril is a powerful and innovative mobile application designed to provide users with enhanced safety and security measures.

Utilizing the latest technologies, including React-Native, nativebase design library, Redux, Firebase, and several other cutting-edge React Native libraries, InPeril seamlessly integrates robust mobile features, including live-location tracking, emergency contact alerts, and an intuitive UI/UX design.

I'm particularly proud of this project, as it represents a significant milestone in my journey as a mobile application developer. Through InPeril, I've been able to showcase my ability to craft sophisticated and powerful applications that meet the needs and expectations of modern users.

Whether you're an avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast, or simply seeking an added layer of security in your daily life, InPeril offers a powerful and reliable solution that empowers you to navigate the world with confidence. Download it now on AndroidOS  and experience the power of InPeril for yourself.

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